Hard Money Go has been your trusted California bridge loan lender for the last 30 plus years. With an impeccable record servicing your financial needs we are your financing partner for your next deal. We provide bridge loans to help real estate investors grow their portfolio and work within your requirements.

Our various lending sources and large financial pool give us the advantage over other lenders to approve the most complex of loans. Hard Money Go provides residential bridge loans and commercial lending programs that get you the financing you need to fund your deals. We offer the best bridge loan rates, with rates starting at 6% and cash out rates starting at 7%. Our low rates, coupled with our fast turn around time have made us the trusted lender to parties who need bridge loans.

Why Choose a Bridge Loan?

The business of real estate is competitive, one that requires real estate investors to act quickly to avoid losing out on profitable investments. At Hard Money Go, we move fast because we understand the importance of timing when buying an investment property. Without fast funding, many of our clients would lose out on their deals. We take this responsibility seriously and know that failure to move fast can result in lost deals and profits. Getting a bridge loan in Los Angeles and other locations can help you get your loan funded fast.

A bridge loan, while with higher rates than typical financing can be the difference between securing a very good investment and being on the losing side. Hard Money Go works fast and aggressively to help you fund your deals in record speed. No more waiting 60-90 days like most conventional loans, with our bridge loans you can get a preapproval the same day and fund your deals in as little as 3 days. This ios the difference between growing your portfolio and sitting on the sidelines. For our real estate investors, we are their financing partner that allows them to grow.

What is a Bridge Loan?

A bridge loan is a temporary loan that bridges the gap (which is why such loans are also known as gap loans) between having the necessary financing to purchasing your next investment. Without a loan to bridge the time gap, most investors would lose out to cash offers. With our bridge lending, your offer is as powerful as a cash offer because we provide funds to you nearly instantly. What we recommend you to do is submit your scenario to our office and get a preapproval and inform the seller or listing agent that your funds can be ready as soon as 3 days from now.

Once the bridge financing expires or you surpass the minimum loan term, our office will assist you in any way to get you financed into a conventional loan. We never want you to overpay which is why during the course of your loan, our office will always be proactive in trying to help you make the best of your situation and always have cost savings as the goal.

Should You Get a Bridge Loan?

The importance of securing financing is paramount in growing your real estate portfolio. When timing is an issue in financing your next deal, put our bridge loan programs to the test. We work fast so you can focus on other things such as determining land use, talking to the city, and your due diligence. The real estate market is inundated with competition that can affect your ability to secure your next investment. Send us your application or contact our office today to see what you qualify for.

Interested in Getting a Bridge Loan?

How Bridge Loans Help you Grow Your Financial Portfolio?

The need to have financing available readily is often the most burdensome factor to grow one’s portfolio. There are many instances when a real estate investor spots an amazing investment only to find out numerous other parties are as well. There are two options, one can either sell an existing property the own to get the funds to buy that investment- the only problem is by the time they sell the property, the new investment property will likely be sold prior to that party getting their funds- or they use money they have already saved up, but for most people they don’t have that capital.

Hard Money Go provides bridge loans in Los Angeles and other locations to help you grow your portfolio. Your ability to grow exponentially is only limited by spotting solid investments and having the capital to purchase those investments. Hard Money Go comes in, reviews your situation and sees which program fits you best.

Closing your Loan Fast

Hard Money Go recognizes the importance of timing when executing real estate transactions, which is why our team of financial experts take expert consideration of your circumstances in a short period of time to get your financing quickly. The need to close quick comes up when your current loan is about to balloon, you need cash to pay off higher interest debt, you need financing to purchase a new property whilst selling your existing property, and others.

We work fast so all your goals are realized on time and on budget. Our unique loan application allows you get a preapproval within one day assuming and a final approval within 3 business days provided you send all paperwork right away. We require minimal loan documentation and base loan approvals on your equity rather than your financials which is why we can approve you so fast. We look forward to reviewing your loan scenario.

"Get Your Loan Funded Now"

We ONLY Do Business Purpose Loans. Loans Are NOT For Primary Residences.