Hard Money Lender Miami

Looking for the fastest and easiest funding so that you can close your real estate business venture within one week or less? Whether you are looking to purchase a new property, refinance an existing high interest rate loan, or get cash out, we are here to service your loan request.

Hard Money Go has been a direct hard money lender in Miami for over 30 years and knows what it takes to get your financing done as quickly as possible. Our streamlined process only asks you for the most important documents and works hard to finance your deal on time and under budget. Our team works hard to close your file – from our loan representatives, to our loan processors, and prinicipal – we all work in unison for you, our valued client.

Miami is one of the most vibrant areas in the United States, and its continuously growing real estate sector attracts investors and buyers. The increasing demand for property and homes in Miami offers great opportunities for real estate investors. If you have also found an opportunity but could not proceed further due to a lack of funds, send us your loan scenarios as we will get you priced out the same day. We present a variety of loan solutions to our precious customers with lower interest rates and minimal costs. 


Hard Money Go is a premier hard money lender in Miami, preferred by small and large investors working in the real estate sector. Our mortgage programs are designed to meet the needs of investors who need funds quickly to finance their real estate projects. With the help of experienced mortgage professionals at Hard Money Go, you can get the funds you need at a faster pace. 


We are committed to serving our customers by providing them access to the funds they need to pursue their real estate endeavors. Whether you want to work on a commercial property or are interested in starting a home-flipping business, our experienced team of mortgage professionals will guide you throughout the loan process. We work tirelessly to serve you better by providing you the capital on time that you need to finance your dream project. 


Our lending criteria is simple and we lend on almost all types of properties except for owner-occupied primary residences. We have a team of experienced mortgage professionals who closely work with realtors and take care of little things to ease their journey of business. It doesn’t matter whether you or your client has a low credit score or a spotty payment history, we would love to serve you no matter what, as long as you have a minimum of 20% equity or 20% to put as a down payment towards a purchase. With simple guidelines, the fastest approval and funding, and flexible terms, our mortgage programs are designed to meet investors’ needs. 


We have 500+ satisfied customers who choose us again and again whenever they plan to finance a new project. The dream of getting your real estate business off the ground is not an easy one, but with the right deals and the financing partner to fund those deals, you have a winning formula to grow your real estate portfolio. Financing your real estate project is just an application away. 


Go ahead and fill out our easy loan form and a mortgage professional from our office will contact you right away. Discuss your project with us openly as we are there to guide you in the best manner to finance your project.

Loan Rates 

Loan rates vary based on the risk of the loan, the more equity you have the better chance that you will qualify and get a great rate. Unlike traditional loans where approval is based on credit and income, our approval is based on your equity. If you have at least 20% equity in the property, you can be finances. 

Rates start at 7.8% on first position programs and 8.5% on second loan positions. We are a direct hard money lender in Miami, which gives us the ability to fund your deal in record speed. Rather than broker out deals, which stalls time and prevents borrowers from getting the best rates, we work directly with you to refinance your existing loan or help you with your new property purchase.



With over 30 years providing financing to real estate investors in the Miami market, we have have tailored our programs to our investors and borrowers. With fair terms and rates that give borrowers the ability to reduce their payments, get cash out, and ultimately develop their portfolios has allowed us to become the preferred lender. There are various hard money programs including refinancing, purchases, and getting cash out. We provide financing for residential, commercial, mixed use, and industrial property.  Programs vary in range based on the goals of the client. Some clients use the money as a bridge as temporary financing and others use it to get financing for fix and flip deals. The purpose of our loans is to give quick funding, easy approvals, and equity based financing so you avoid the heartache of lengthy mortgage review only to get a denial.