Commercial Hard Money Lenders California

commercial hard money lenders californiaOur commercial hard money loans are created for real estate investors who want to refinance their existing commercial loan payment or need capital to purchase a new investment property.

We understand the need for commercial capital, and recognize the significant benefit our capital serves to real estate investors who cannot develop properties without it.

This is why we have created our expedited loan process to deliver capital to investors when they need it the most. We are proud to serve as the financial arm of many prominent real estate investors who rely on our capital to reduce their interest rate or develop new properties.

Additionally, we are proud to be the most trusted commercial hard money lenders in all of Southern California.

As a private lender, Hard Money Go has mortgage programs that are created specifically for commercial property owners. Whether you are looking to reduce your current interest rate, get a better mortgage program, or want to cash out from your existing property to acquire a new property, we have the funding power and mortgage programs to meet your needs.

It does not matter if you have previously been denied a loan, or cannot prove your income; we offer flexible financing to those who have at least 30 percent equity or for borrowers with excellent financials.

Whether you are on a tight time crunch and need money fast or have bad credit, we have the necessary capital to help fund your commercial hard money loan.

commercial hard money loans californiaWe provide loans for various commercial property types. Our mortgage programs fill the gap for borrowers who have potential deals but do not have capital or for borrowers who need to reduce their mortgage payments.

We use the equity of the borrower as collateral for providing the loan and can secure loans within 10 business days. If you have the equity, we can fund your loan.

We provide loans for the following scenarios:

  • Commercial refinancing
  • Commercial purchasing
  • Commercial construction loans

Because loan qualification is primarily based on the level of equity in a borrower’s property or the down payment amount used for a purchase, even borrowers with bad credit or high debt can get approved. Having substantial equity of at least 30 percent ensures the borrower has a significant investment towards the house and protects our lending interests when providing a loan.

We offer various commercial mortgage programs for each investor type. We understand not every two borrowers are the same. Therefore, we offer creative financial solutions for each applicant, even if you have been denied for a loan before.

We make applying easier than ever before. Simply fill out our application and a mortgage professional will review your file and contact you with a scenario of what is possible. Even if you have been denied for a loan before, or do not think you can qualify, if you have the equity, we can qualify you.