Hard Money Lender Philadelphia

Hard Money Go is a direct hard money lender in Philadelphia. With over 30 years serving real estate investors, we have the experience and capital to fund your deals. The growing demand for properties in the city has opened the doors for real estate professionals to find suitable investment deals that our firm funds. Our programs are the perfect solution for investors looking for hard money lenders in Philadelphia. 

Hard Money Go has been lending hard money loans to the real estate investors in Philadelphia on their residential, commercial, and industrial property. Our mortgage professionals have what you need to get your investments past the finish line. With local market knowledge and a streamlined process, we will be with you on the journey of your real estate investment. From first call, to funding, our team is here for your every step of the way.

What Makes us Different from Others?

For our previous clients, we do not need to tell them what makes us unique, as they already know. But for all those who are new here, you can expect the following from us:

  • Best services – We have a team of mortgage professionals who are always there to guide you on the journey of real estate investment. We aim to please and work hard to earn your business and always have the long term interests of our clients in mind.

  • Straightforward business – Our terms and conditions are fairly clear. We do not charge any hidden fee or junk fees and we are not a middle man. This means fast and clear expectations because we are the direct lending source.

  • Fastest approval and funding – You can finance your real estate project with us within as little as 5 business days. Your loan approval is based on your equity. If you have 20% down towards a purchase or 20% equity, we can fund your investment.

  • Competitive terms and interest rates – We are considered among the best in the industry for our competitive terms and interest rates. Rates start at 6% on first loans and 8% on second loans and cash out refinancing.

  • Transparent and trustworthy lenders – Our loan processes are transparent. We have been a trusted source of capital since 1990.

Speed and Ease of Capital – We are a direct hard money lender in Philadelphia. Our mortgage program is designed for real estate professionals who are looking for easy access to capital to finance their real estate projects. We save your time at all phases of the loan process. Hard Money Go requires simple and minimum documents. Our rates and fees are clear cut so from the beginning you know want your payments will look like. Hard Money Go has built its reputation by providing the fastest funding in a minimum amount of time.

We are not just your lender, we work as your partner too. We work diligently with our clients to find the best mortgage solutions for every borrower to verify that both short- and long-term goals are met. We do our due diligence so that we can avoid any surprises that may hinder the successful and quick close of your financing. After that, our transactions are based on our existing relationship. Our clients use our services again and again because we help them grow their business. Our only goal is to help you succeed in your project. We aim to provide the best services so that each time you need a hard money loan you know you have a reliable financing partner. 

Whether you are seeking a loan to purchase a new property or refinance the existing one, our mortgage programs are tailored to meet your needs. Finance your investment property by using our lending services. Just fill out a simple form and our mortgage professional will contact you within 24 hours.

Our interest rate typically ranges from 6 to 10%. Hard money interest rates are higher because of the risk associated with providing loans to borrowers with bad credit history and the inability to prove income.

Hard Money Go lends on residential, commercial, and multi-family properties. Our loan programs are structured for refinancing and purchasing residential and multi-family properties, fix and flip loans, and we provide lending on commercial properties as well.

Your credit history and foreclosure on your credit report do not disqualify borrowers from getting approved for financing. What matters is the equity of the collateral. We review the property thoroughly and make our decision base on the property value, equity, and exit strategy of the borrower.

We approve your loan application within 24-48 hours and transfer you the fund in as little as 5 business days.

We require minimum documents from your end. Your credit history and income will not influence your loan application. As hard money loan is asset-based lending, we consider the value of the property that you put as collateral.