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Hard Money Go is a direct lender in New Jersey that provides capital to investors for their real estate projects. We have been serving the New Jersey market for over 30 years and have everything real estate owners need to move forward their projects. Whether you are looking for financing for new purchases, need to refinance existing high interest rate loans, or get cash out, our team is here to help you.

Hard Money Go has been serving investors by providing quick access to funds so that you do not lose out on an investment opportunity due to the lack of capital. As we are a direct hard money lender in New Jersey, we control our own funds and therefore make our own decisions. That is why we can approve your loan application within 24 hours and closing takes only 7 to 10 business days, with a competitive interest rate and with the minimum required documents.

When you choose an experienced hard money lender like us to finance your property, your chances of having a successful real estate business significantly increase. We offer a full package of hard money loan programs, structured to meet the needs of our prospective clients including brokers, property owners, and property investors. We have been lending in all 21 counties of New Jersey for more than 30 years. This experience has allowed us to create a streamlined process that makes qualifying for and retaining a loan as easy as possible.

Our mortgage professionals are well versed and experienced in the local real estate market of New Jersey. We understand the role of time and money in the real estate business. When it comes to a growing market of real estate such as New Jersey, many investors have their eyes on one property that others are competing for. This requires investors to have a competitive advantage when they do not have the cash to purchase it. But the investor who is ready with cash wins the opportunity over others. If you are also facing the same situation and looking for a quick access to capital to finance your real estate project, contact us and finance your dream project with us in New Jersey.

Pay Less and Save More on New Jersey Hard Money Loan

Act quickly on your real estate venture in New Jersey with private financing from Hard Money Go. We do not charge prepayment penalties or any kind of junk fees that you may encounter with other private lenders. We offer you the lowest possible rate and minimum closing fees so that you pay less and save more. 

The lowest rate and fees and the speedy transaction are what compels realtors to choose us as their financing partner. We have more than 500 happy and satisfied customers who choose us over and over whenever they find an investment opportunity. You can also win the investment opportunity over other realtors just by using our funds to finance your next project. Required Documents 

Unlike traditional loans that require 2 tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, great credit, and a low debt to income ratio, with our loans, we can qualify you with minimal paperwork. This proves vital as many borrowers can’t document their income or prove their credit worthiness. We make the process of qualifying much easier, as we only require a basic loan application, 2 months bank statements, and an exit plan that makes sense. Qualification is based on a borrower’s equity. To qualify, one must have 30% equity or put down 20% towards a purchase to get a loan.

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