Hard Money Lenders San Diego

Hard Money Go has been one of the largest providers of private real estate capital in San Diego and California for the last 30 plus years. Unlike traditional lending programs and lenders that require endless paperwork submitted and a 90 day loan process, our hard money programs are created with the importance of timing in mind.

This means faster funding, lower interest rates and more approvals. As the most trusted San Diego hard money lenders, Hard Money Go will get your loan funded faster than any other hard money lender in the state.

We recognize the role of private capital in the real estate market for borrower’s who would traditionally not be approved with conventional lenders. Whether your intent is to purchase a new property using the equity in your existing property as collateral or want to reduce your current mortgage payments, we have a program for you.

We provide financing including refinancing and cash out for the following property types: Residential real estatemulti family real estatecommercial real estate, industrial real estate, mixed use real estate.

Our expedited loan process was created to make the process as simple as possible. Simply fill out the form and within a few business days our experienced mortgage professionals will review your file and contact you. Whether you have bad credit, low income or need money now, we will fund your hard money loan in San Diego within 5-10 days. Leave your capital needs to the leading hard money lenders in San Diego, Hard Money Go.

Examples of San Diego Hard Money Loans

Financing Funded for a residential property in January 2022: Refinancingsan diego hard money lenders

Situation: The applicant wants to reduce their mortgage payments by extending the rate and term of the program. Their previous interest rate of 11% was causing a significant portion of their rental income from the property to go towards the mortgage, rather than into their profit.

Within 2 business days of applying, our firm reviewed the applicant’s property and verified that it had the required equity for approval. We further reviewed the specifics of the prospective borrower and verified that they had the ability to repay the mortgage. At this point, our mortgage team provided the applicant with a few programs that would best meet their requirements.

Because the borrower indicated initially that their biggest priority was to reduce the payment as much as possible we suggested that they choose a longer term program with a lower rate. They agreed and were approved for an 8% interest rate. This reduced their payments significantly and increased the profit they were making on the property.

Financing Funded for a multiunit property in February 2022: Cash Out

hard money loans san diegoSituation
: The owner of a truly great property that has a lot of potential needs cash to renovate the property to maximize the value of the land. In its initial state, the property was old, needed repairs and could not retain the maximum rental income because of its condition.

Within 2 business days of applying for the mortgage, our team of mortgage professionals reviewed the specifics of the borrower and verified the value of the property. After estimating the property value and verifying that the property had the necessary equity to qualify, our firm began underwriting the mortgage.

Ten business days after our team reviewed the borrowers file, the loan was funded. He received the capital to make necessary repairs on the property to increase its value. The added value of the property and its new appeal demands much higher rental payments. The fact that the borrower got the capital he needed allowed him to increase his profit and slowly help him increase his equity because of the increased value of his property.

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We ONLY Do Business Purpose Loans. Loans Are NOT For Primary Residences.