Required Documents

hard money required documentsHard Money Go is the largest single hard money lender source in California because our loan process makes it as easy as possible for prospective borrower. Our hard money loan programs require minimal documentation from the borrower. There are only five items you must submit in order to apply for our hard money loans which include:
  • Loan Application
  • 2 Months Bank Statements
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Evidence of hazard insurance
  • Escrow and title documentation
We rarely ask for additional documentation unless it is to your benefit, usually to prove income, value and other items. Once we receive the proceeding items, our firm will conduct research on the estimated property value, the title of the property, liens, debt and other liabilities attached to the property. This information will be used to evaluate what programs you qualify for. Approvals are based on the equity of the property. After we have received all paperwork we will conduct through market research on the neighborhood activity, price per square foot, location, size and potential of the property. This form of research is done to verify the estimated value of the property.

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