Ohio Hard Money Lender

Ohio is a state with a growing economy that attracts real estate investors who are looking for opportunities in the market. Ohio’s real estate market provides a great opportunity for investors and developers to make money. They can earn a great profit by spotting solid investment opportunities and having the right financing partner to fund their deals. For most, finding solid deals is something they can do, however getting a loan on time prevents them from competing with all cash buyers.

Hard Money Go is a leading direct lender in Ohio that provides access to funds within 10 business days regardless of your credit history, debt to income ratio, and financial or employment situation. We have our in-house team of experienced mortgage professionals who have been serving investors for over 30 years. With this many years of experience, we have developed a unique sense of which projects can be turned into successful ones and which may fail to do so. If your project makes sense to us, we would love to serve you.

We provide fast and efficient solutions for all projects including residential, commercial, and industrial property. With over 30 years working hard to satisfy the needs of real estate investors, our team has developed a streamlined process that makes applying and getting qualified as easy as possible. Hard Money Go offers various loan programs, terms, and guidelines for all types of investors including those that need short term financing for their fix and flips and parties who need to get out of their existing high interest rate programs or need cash out.

Send us your loan scenario and our team will immediately get to work on your loan request. We have seen every type of loan request and have completed some of the most complex financing requests. 


We work with real estate investors throughout Massachusetts, who are looking for fast funding and hassle-free loan applications. No other hard money lender in Massachusetts can beat us in terms of flexible loan terms and lower interest rates.


With years of experience and knowledge of the local market in Ohio, our mortgage professionals will make your next investment fast, simple, and transparent. We work with investors throughout the state and give investors the ability to grow their portfolio. We have financed many successful projects in Ohio, including the hottest areas for real estate investment like Columbus, Springfield, Canton, Dayton, and many more. No other lenders in Ohio can match the services that we offer to our borrowers including simple and speedy underwriting process, closing, and customer services throughout the life of the loan. We offer you a full suite of mortgage programs with the lowest possible interest rates and flexible terms. As a leading hard money lender in Ohio, we aim to provide the best lending services and the customer experience in the industry.


At Hard Money Go we tailor our programs to the needs of our clients. In most instances clients know exactly what they want, but our team is here to evaluate your business plan to make sure you are making the best decisions.


We have programs for all property types including residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed used property. We lend on first and second position loans. Rates start at 7.5% on first loans and 8.5% or more on second loans. 


Approval Process

Unlike traditional lending that uses very specific qualification formulas including debt to income ratio (DTI), a borrower’s credit, income documents, and others, we simply use your equity to base our approvals. A borrower must have 20% or more equity to qualify for a refinance or have at least 20% as a down payment, you can qualify.


Whether you are looking for a fix and flip loan or a bridge loan, want to finance a commercial property, or a residential one, we work as per your requirements by providing tailored lending solutions to you. 


Do not let the lack of cash stop you from growing your business. Take our lending services and finance your next project with us.


You are just a call away from us. Schedule an appointment and talk to our mortgage professionals.