Privacy Policy

hard money privacy policyHard Money Go takes great care in helping secure all your financial information. As a hard money lender that has been in business for over 12 years, we know what it takes to protect the sensitive files of all our clients and prospective borrowers.

We go above and beyond the standard measures set forth by Federal and State Laws in protecting borrower’s sensitive information such as financials, credit and income documents. We do this by having a weekly document shredding company retrieve all documents that are no longer of use or for files that are older than 5 years. All of our computers, emails and technology platforms are protected by state of the art firewall systems that prevent access to any of our systems.

We have a strict policy of keeping all documents stored securely. Computer access is strictly prohibited to mortgage professionals and all computer and document software is protected with passwords that only the user on each individual computer uses.

Your information is never sold or redistributed to any other company, firm or lender. Because all decision making is in house, the only people who will ever see your file are your mortgage professional, underwriter and manager. Our firm places great importance in maintaining the strict policy of protecting all your sensitive files.