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When you need funds to finance a real estate project in Maryland and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay markets, look to Hard Money Go to fund your real estate venture. Profitable real estate deals tend to have difficult competition and oftentimes, the difference between the winning buyer is their financing. When time and money are paramount, put our 30 plus years as a direct hard money lender in Maryland to help push you past the finish line.

When you visit a conventional bank to apply for a loan, you may face two major hindrances:


  • Loan processing in conventional banks takes at least 1 to 2 months, typically even longer when you are self employed and requires a lot of documents
  • The loan approval process at traditional banks heavily scrutinizes your finance including your credit history, debt to income, or any other reason. 


If you are representing clients or investing in real estate yourself, you know how much time and speed matter. You can’t wait for a month to get the funds. Any other investor may come with cash and snatch your dream project at a moment’s notice. So what is the solution? 


A hard money lender is the only financial solution that can give you access to a large amount of money within 10 days If you provide the required documents, such as rent roll, last 3 months bank statements, and the simple loan application, we can even get you approved in as little as five days. When you start looking for a hard money lender, you may meet many who will make big promises and inveigle you just to close the deal, only to be shopped around last minute. They may change rates or terms at the last moment. Not all lenders are like us, who will deliver what they promise.


Hard Money Go is a direct source of funding so you will get exactly what was agreed upon. We have developed our loan approval process through years of experience and know exactly what we are looking for. The most significant requirement in approval is that for a refinance the property have a minimum of 20% equity and for purchases put down at least 20% down. If a borrower can meet these guidelines, approval will likely occur within 5-7 business days.


We offer the lowest possible rate; fastest funding in the industry; flexible loan terms; proper guidance; and a tailored solution. What else does an investor need?


Come, let’s close the deal and help you build your real estate portfolio!

Hard Money Lender Maryland

The real estate business is lucrative, but investors have to go through a complicated process as they have to manage cash, deal with brokers and buyers, close the deal after proper management, and many more. We understand every aspect of the real estate business and, hopefully, we can eliminate one of the complications of your financing. If you are looking for  quick funding to finance your real estate project in Maryland, we can be your financial solution.


Hard Money Go – A true partner in a real estate investor or realtors’ journey

We are your true partner in the journey of your business. Over the years, we have developed a unique sense of which investments will turn into successful ones and which might pose a risk. Most lenders promise big to get your loan application only to deny you a month later. When you work with us, you are working directly with your lender which means we deliver what we promise with the lowest rates and fastest approvals. Our expertise and experience help investors increase their profit and minimize the level of risk. 

As a leading hard money lender in Maryland, we do not offer a ‘one size fits all kind of mortgage product. We offer a tailored financial solution by reviewing your project. Be it residential property, commercial property, multi-family, or any other type of property in Maryland, we offer a full package of mortgage programs to choose from. 

Discuss your next project with us. Just call us or fill out a simple form and our mortgage professional will reach out to you soon.

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