Hard Money Lender Massachusetts

Need financing for your upcoming real estate project in Massachusetts? Look no further than Hard Money Go. 

Getting a loan from a traditional bank is a slow and exhausting process. You have to submit a significant number of documents and complete many formalities that make the process of qualifying difficult and time consuming. Additionally, a traditional lender takes months to approve your loan application. It might happen that after waiting for so long, they may reject your loan application if you do not fulfill their eligibility criteria. 

At Hard Money Go, our hard money loans are structured for those real estate investors who value speed, time, efficiency, and transparency. Being a direct hard money lender in Massachusetts, we know what our real estate investors want: quick and easy loan application process, flexible loan terms, and most of all, fast loan closing and attractive rates

We provide fast and efficient solutions for all projects including residential, commercial, and industrial property. With over 30 years working hard to satisfy the needs of real estate investors, our team has developed a streamlined process that makes applying and getting qualified as easy as possible. Hard Money Go offers various loan programs, terms, and guidelines for all types of investors including those that need short term financing for their fix and flips and parties who need to get out of their existing high interest rate programs or need cash out.

Send us your loan scenario and our team will immediately get to work on your loan request. We have seen every type of loan request and have completed some of the most complex financing requests. 


We work with real estate investors throughout Massachusetts, who are looking for fast funding and hassle-free loan applications. No other hard money lender in Massachusetts can beat us in terms of flexible loan terms and lower interest rates.

Our 5 Step expedited loan application process
We understand how stressful a loan application process can be. That is why we have developed our simple 5 Step expedited loan process:

  1. Apply for a hard money loan

    You just need to fill out a simple form and our representative will get back to you within 24 hours. They will guide you on which mortgage program will fit best in your case.


  2. Property review 

    We will move forward by reviewing the property that you put as collateral. We will see the value of your property that ultimately determines the type of loan you can qualify for.


  3. Review your request

    We will review your loan request and see if it makes sense. We require at least 30% equity for refinances and 20% down for purchases. If the borrower fits this basic criteria, they can likely get approved.


  4. Underwrite mortgage program

    Once we review your credit and property, our mortgage experts will start underwriting the loan you want.


  5. Closing your loan

    Once everything is finalized, we close the loan application process. In order to close your loan, we need your signature on a few documents. You do not need to visit our office to close the loan. Our mortgage professionals will meet you in person wherever and whenever you want to fund your loan.

Yes, we are a direct lender and control our own funds and decision-making. For you this means access to your lending source without the middleman who charges extra points, fees, and junk charges. We are your direct lending source.

Yes, we lend to first time investors. As long as you have the equity for a refinance or the down payment for a purchase, we can qualify you.  

No, we only lend investment properties. We do not lend on an owner-occupied or primary residence. We have a separate division that funds primary residence loans, however hard money loans are not used for owner-occupied residences.

Your credit score does not matter to us. However, examine your credit history to ensure that there are not any liens on the property such as a personal loan or any other debt. We not however qualify borrowers who have recently had a bankruptcy.

Just like your credit, we do not require income-related documents too. Our hard money lending guidelines are based on equity, rather than income and credit. We primarily need five documents: loan application, 2-month bank statements, articles of incorporation, evidence of hazard insurance, escrow, and title documentation.