Hard Money Lender Chicago

If banks have denied your loan application due to insufficient formal documents, we welcome you. You can get access to our fund and move ahead with your dream project quickly. Hard Money Go has established itself as a successful hard money lender preferred by those who want to become successful real estate investors. We are committed to serving precious realtors by offering different types of financing that they are looking for. Over the years, we have financed all types of properties in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs.

We offer a full package of funding options to our realtors, including:

● Residential refinance
● Multi-family refinance
● Residential purchase
● Multi-family purchase
● Fix and flip loan
● Bridge loan
● Hard money loans on commercial properties

So why look further when you have multifarious options to fund your dream project? It’s just not the product that compels investors to choose us; we are also appreciated for our customer service. We fund and underwrite our own deals thereby approvals are much quicker and more efficient. Our underwriting team ensures that your loan application is processed within the specified time promised, usually 1-2 business days for approval and 10 business days for funding.

A Better Choice Than Other Chicago Hard Money Lenders
When you look for a hard money lender, you are likely dealing with a broker or third party that
send deal to a direct lending source like our company. Hard Money Go lives up to its promises
because we are a direct source of funds, thereby whatever we say is coming from us directly.
This allows us to deliver exactly what we promised. We have been delivering an exceptional
loan experience to our precious clients that are trustworthy and dependable. That is why our
customers come to us again and again whenever they need financing for their real estate
projects. They also refer us to others if someone is looking for funds to finance their project. It is
our loan options and customer service that make us the premier hard money lender in Chicago
and across the United States.

Why Choose Us as Your Hard Money Lender in Chicago?
There is not just one reason that real estate investors across the USA choose us. They prefer
us over other lenders for the following reasons:

● Lowest possible rates
● Better repayment terms
● Fast approval and closing
● Wide range of financing options
● Simple loan process
● Fewer document requirement
● Tailored financing solution
● Best customer services
● No upfront fees and contract

What more does a realtor need? We also offer you a tailored financial solution.
Get in touch with us to see what your loan options are within a few minutes? Contact us and talk
to our professionals. They will clear up all the doubts that you have in your mind regarding hard
money loans.

The most compelling reason that reactors choose hard money loans is their speed. When you choose us as your financing solution, you don’t have to go through a lengthy documentation process. Our loan process is easy, and we transfer funds within 10 business days.

Qualifying for a hard money loan with us is simple. You just need to fill out a simple
application form and our mortgage professional will contact you as soon as possible, possibly
within the same day. They will manage everything for you throughout the loan process.

We cover Chicago, Arizona, Dallas, Houston, Massachusetts, New York, Orange County,
Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, Texas, Florida, and many more across the
United States.

Except for owner-occupied primary residences, we lend on mostly all types of properties.

Each type of loan has its own loan terms, but hard money loan interest rates typically
range between 6 to 10%. Interest rates are generally higher on hard money loans because it is

a more risky file because we do not require much paperwork and make approval decisions
solely based on your equity. Hard money loans are asset-based lending, and even an individual
with a bad credit score can easily get the loan.