Turning Your Goals Into Reality

For the last 25 plus years, the team at Hard Money Go has been fueling the success of numerous investors in their goal of real estate investing by getting them the financing they need on time and on budget. Hard Money Go is proud to be the largest fix and flip lender in San Diego and cannot wait to help you.

Finding a solid real estate investment is only the start, you need financing to fund your purchases and ultimately develop the property for a profit. Hard Money Go bridges the gap between you finding a solid investment and funding that deal.

At Hard Money Go, we recognize the importance that our financing plays in a developer’s success in buying a property and flipping it. We take great pride in this and work extremely hard from first call to close to make you sure your file gets the maximum chance to fund possible?

We have an expedited process where everyone on our team has a specific role and works together to process the loan. What does this mean for you? This means your loan will close in the shortest period of time possible because every aspect of your loan, from the application, down to the processing is handled by a specialist to ensure maximum success.

What is a Fix and Flip Loan

A fix and flip loan is a loan with a short loan term, usually from 1 to 3 years, that finances the purchase and development costs of a property. Unlike a construction loan that requires endless paperwork, work schedule orders, and other burdensome details, a fix and loan requires minimal paperwork and processing. Fix and flip loans are easier to qualify for than construction loans because rather than deal with complex formulas, a fix and flip financing is based on the potential of a property and the down payment amount. If you put at least 10% down and have a profitable investment opportunity, you can likely get approved.

What We Offer

Hard Money Go Offers financing for the following, but is not limited to:

Hard Money GO Los Angeles


Hard Money GO Los Angeles

Multi unit up to 29 units

Hard Money GO Los Angeles

Mixed use

Why People Love Working With Us

Fueling Your Success

The premise of our business model is client success. At Hard Money Go, our success is determined on the success of our client’s. While this runs counter to other business models, it is the key to our success for the last 25 years.

Hard Money GO Los Angeles

Developing properties is the dream of many people, and we take great joy and satisfaction knowing that our mortgage products create real lasting change in the community’s we serve. We love knowing that our financing allows first time developers realize their dreams of property ownership or helping our seasoned developers increase the size of their portfolio. We take this responsibility seriously and cannot wait to make your deal our next success.

The investments in financing we make real world changes. From financing residential units that increase the supply of available units in the market, to helping a borrower improve their equity by increasing the value of their investments, we are here to be your partner with all your fix and flip financing needs.

What Makes Us Different

Hard Money Go has 3 sources of funds. The three sources of funds include our own direct funds, private investor funds, and funds from our general loan fund. The majority of other lenders work with companies such as ours and market our products, which means you would pay a higher fee working with the middle man. Skip the line and save money by working directly with us as we are a direct private lender.

Hard Money GO Los Angeles

Helping You Keep Your Promises

You have promises to keep and we take this seriously. Hard Money Go does everything possible to make you look in front of your partners, sellers, and others who are relying on your word. If you are a fix and flip buyer, developer, or rehabber, send us your files and watch in amazement as we get to work for you. Your success depends on your ability to get financing. Work with us and increase your business.