Multi Family Purchase Hard Money

multi family purchase hard money lendersHard Money Go is extremely experienced in Multi Family Purchases. Our expertise will help assist your transaction close as scheduled.

As a hard money company we know exactly what questions to ask pertaining to the property to avoid hurdles along the way. Since Hard Money Go is a direct hard money lender, we know the types of deals we can entertain immediately.

Therefore this will prevent you from losing valuable time and in many instances prevent you from paying high penalties and fees, which you may be responsible for in the event you don’t close on time. Like our other programs, your Multi Family purchase can be vested in an LLC, Corporation, Individual, Etc.  

We strive to be the best in this business and have created the process for the borrower very effortless. As a potential borrower you may obtain information about applying for a Multi Family purchase either by going to the application page or contacting our office direct at 310-237-6310.

multi family purchase hard money loansIf you choose to inquire online via our loan application, you will be directed to the borrower information page where you will be required to fill in some information about your transaction and subject property.

If you choose to contact our office, a qualified staff member will ask you a few specific questions regarding your subject property and your specific situation. You may also come to our office located at the heart of Century City and meet with a professional loan specialist.

Either way our staff will do thorough research on your subject property and review your file. Within only 24-48 Hours an experienced loan officer will contact you directly to review your file and indicate if you meet our guidelines and if so how to proceed.

If you have any further questions please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or give us a call at 888-832-7576.

Documentation Required:

    1. Loan Application completely filled out and signed.
    2. Last Month Personal or Business Bank Statement.
    3. Articles of Corporation paper work.
    4. Evidence of Hazard Insurance/Declaration page.
    5. Escrow & Title Documents.
    6. Purchase Agreement and all other residential disclosures required.
    7. Copies of all Leases and or Estopelles.

California Hard Money Terms

Type:5 Units or More
Term Options:1-3 Years
Cost:2 Points
Loan to Value:65%
Cash Out Available:N/A
Interest Rate: 7.5%
Prepayment Penalty:6 Months
Income Document Required:NO
Fico Requirement:620
Vesting:LLC, Corporation, Individual, Etc.