Hard Money Lenders San Antonio

Hard Money Go is your reliable financing source for the past 30 plus years. We are a direct hard money lender in San Antonio that can provide you the needed financing to help you secure funding for your purchases, refinances on your existing high interest rate loans, and cash out to make property improvements.

As a direct lender, we have everything needed to help push your deal past the finish line. Our vat experience totally over 3 decades has given us unique insight into the markets we serve thereby allowing us to work faster and ultimately fund deals that others cannot. 


Our simple loan process is easier than any loan you have ever worked on. How can we do this? It is because we are a direct hard money lender in San Antonio and can therefore make decisions in house preventing us from requesting endless paperwork. We simply require your last 2 months bank statements, rent roll, and that you have at least 30% equity for refinances or 20% down for purchases. For you this means peace of mind knowing your most pressing deadlines can be met.

Why Work With Us

Hard Money Go has established ourselves as the most trusted hard money lender. We act as your partner and take all your considerations very seriously such as meeting deadlines, working with title and escrow, and doing anything needed to make your deal happen.


There is lots of money at stake in your real estate endeavors. Do not trust your financing just to anyone. Work with someone who has the experience, large loan fund, and power to push through even the most difficult of deals. The difference between a successful real estate investment and one that never happens, often is your ability to get financing.

Loan Preapproval

Our hard money loans in San Antonio can be preapproved oftentimes the day as your inquiry and can be funded within 3 business days if all applicable information is sent over immediately. A preapproval gives you the ability to compete with all cash buyers and other competitive offers that would be hindered without you having a loan preapproval. We take the goals of our clients very seriously and do everything in our collective power to move forward your file as soon as possible.

Our 30 years financing hard money loans has taught us that speed and efficiency our in the best interest of not only our firm but our clients as well. The longer time we spend working on a file, the more costly it is to us. Therefore we have a streamlined loan preapproval process which only requires some basic paperwork and a simple loan application.

Hard Money Lending Services

  • Rates starting at 7.5%

  • Fees starting at 1 point

  • Up to 80% Loan to Value

  • Minimal Paperwork

  • No tax returns

  • Limited income or no income documents

  • Same day approval (if all paperwork submitted before 12 pm)

  • Terms of 3 months to 30 years

  • Various programs including short term, cash out, fix and flip, and bridge financing

  • Do not have access to capital to purchase

  • Do not have capital to develop

  • Do not have the time to qualify for a traditional loan

  • Cannot qualify for a loan because of income, credit, or financials

Hard Money Programs We Offer

Hard Money Go offers various hard money lending programs including:

  • Residential property
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property
  • Fix and flip
  • Rent and hold
  • Short term
  • Long Term
  • First position financing
  • Second position financing
  • Cash out financing
  • Combining first and second position mortgages

We lend hard money loans in San Antonio for residential properties that are investments but not for primary residences. As a direct hard money lender in San Antonio we can also lend on commercial and industrial property that have at least 30% equity or a 20% down payment. Rates for such programs start at 7.5% on first position financing and 8% or higher on second position.

Our clients are typically real estate investors who need quick access to funds to prevent losing out on deals. Most loans range from 6 months in range to 2 years. The purpose of such loans is to get the loan albeit with a slightly higher interest rate and develop and sell the property or buy and rent, while using the financing for a short period with the aim of refinancing in a conventional loan at a lower rate shortly thereafter.

We are a hard money lender that provides cash out refinancing to assist clients improve their properties to either rent out at higher rates or increase their value for a sale. We love lending on value-add projects where construction can add high value to an investor’s portfolio as we see this as a benefit for everyone involved including the investor, our company, and the communities we serve which benefit from the higher value properties.

As a direct lending source, we are a hard money lender in San Antonio that can assist you in combining your first and second hard money loan. This proves invaluable as our clients can gain more profit from their investment by having lower mortgage payments.

Work With Us

Send us your hard money loan request and watch in amazement as we get to work for you right away. Many of our clients have been working with us since the first day they began their real estate portfolio and we take immense pleasure knowing that our funds help our clients build their future. Even if you have never purchased a property and are looking for financial guidance, we are here to help you enter the real estate market.